The Artist:
Hayley Hess-Beaumont
Happiness is a choice. Sometimes life makes it hard, but it is never impossible. I discovered photography as a source of happiness for me when I was only 10 years old. I love to tell stories, and capture rich emotions through photography.
My Recipe for Happy:
Quality time w/loved ones .
Lots of dates and kissing with my hubby.
Keeping memories alive through photography.
Writing like someone cares what I think.
Creating meaningful, useful, art.
Teaching my children how to love God and his Son and eachother.
Reading good books.
Getting my children to read good books.
Listening to soul searching, heart-moving, toe-tapping music.
Watching loved ones conquer fears.
Beating my hubby at Scrabble...and letting him beat me.
~ Hayley
Hayley Hess-Beaumont was born and raised in Burbank, CA. She attended the University of California in Riverside, where she graduated with a BA degree in Fine Art, emphasis in photography. During college she interned with the husband and wife photography team at Enchanted Portraiture, in Mira Loma, CA.
After graduation, she and her husband, along with their first son, moved to the Austin, TX area where she opened her portrait and wedding business, Firefly Portraiture.
Eventually, Hayley and her family found their way to Utah Valley, UT, where they still reside. And, where she continues to capture enchanted moments through photography.